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Tier 1 Analytics

Tailored Tier 1 Analytics for Superior Supplier Insight

Harness the power of sophisticated integration capabilities. Seamlessly extract, refine, and enrich your Tier 1 supplier data from ERP/AP systems, facilitating comprehensive reporting. Moreover, we provide the option to reintegrate the enhanced data back into your system.

Client-Focused Data Points

What is Tier 1 Analytics?

Tier 1 Analytics refers to the analytical processes and tools used to assess, monitor, and gain insights from data related to an organization's primary or "Tier 1" suppliers. These suppliers are directly contracted with the buying company and provide goods or services without intermediaries. Tier 1 Analytics often encompasses data extraction, cleansing, enrichment, and reporting related to supplier performance, spend, compliance, risk management, and other relevant metrics.

Why You Need Tier 1 Analytics:
  • Decision-Making: Drives data-informed choices.
  • Cost Efficiency: Pinpoints savings opportunities.
  • Risk Mitigation: Detects potential supply disruptions.
  • Relationships: Strengthens supplier partnerships.
  • Compliance: Confirms suppliers meet standards.
  • Efficiency: Enhances supply chain operations.

Adaptable Analytics Catered to Your Tier 1 Supplier Needs

Our solution stands out because of its specialized ability to:

  • Import and Store: Securely ingest and store your Tier 1 supplier profile along with periodic spend data, ensuring efficient and consistent tracking.
  • Diverse Reporting Options: Benefit from an array of financial data points that can be loaded into our portal, paving the way for a tailored reporting experience. Monitor and evaluate expenditures with both diverse and non-diverse Tier 1 suppliers with ease.
  • Continuous Data Enrichment: Through our dedicated data enrichment program, supplier classifications remain current, ensuring precise spend performance analysis and forecasting.
Elevate your supplier diversity analytics with our innovative Tier 1 solutions, designed for accuracy, efficiency, and adaptability.

optimized spend analysis for primary suppliers

Our features will help you grow

Client-Focused Data Points | Tier 1 supplier data insights
Client-Focused Data Points
Many Integration Options | Tier 1 supplier data insights
Many Integration Options
Custom Periods/Frequency | Tier 1 supplier data insights
Custom Periods/Frequency
Robust Report | Tier 1 supplier data insights
Robust Reporting Capabilities
Amazing Support | Tier 1 supplier data insights
Amazing Support
Easy Automation/Validation | Tier 1 supplier data insights
Easy Automation/Validation

Unlock comprehensive diversity insights with our Tier 1 Analytics Module

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Client-Centric Data Analysis

Delve deep with insights tailored to your specific data points.

Regardless of your chosen data points, configurations, rules, or the set periods/frequencies, we've got you covered. Our reporting module is designed to adapt effortlessly to your unique data specifications.

CLIENT-FOCUSED DATA POINTS | Tier 1 supplier data insights
Seamless INTEGRATION | Tier 1 supplier data insights
Seamless Integration Solutions

Opt for the best with our top-tier integration offerings

Stay in sync with industry standards as we offer integrations with a plethora of major AP/ERP systems. Our expertise extends to integrating with multiple data sources, ensuring a cohesive data landscape. Leave the setup to us and experience a hassle-free integration process.

In-Depth Reporting for Precision Insights

Discover what truly matters with our comprehensive reports

Benefit from our extensive range of standard reports, meticulously crafted over the years to align with your distinct data points. Furthermore, our robust ad-hoc report builder empowers you to customize and build reports tailored to your specific needs. Dive deep, analyze, and make data-driven decisions.

ROBUST REPORTS | Tier 1 supplier data insights

Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission is to simplify your Tier 1 data insights journey. We're here to cater to all your Tier 1 Analytics queries.

What are the advantages of the Tier 1 Analytics module?

Extracting insights from Tier 1 data across various sources can be challenging. Our solution streamlines this by not only cleansing and enriching your data but also presenting you with user-friendly reports.

Is it problematic if we utilize multiple data sources?

Not at all. Our robust DataFlow module is designed to easily import data from numerous sources. Additionally, the enhanced data can be effortlessly pushed back into your systems.

Can you integrate with our specific AP/ERP system?

Absolutely! We've successfully integrated with numerous AP/ERP systems of our Fortune 500 clients using popular integration methods. Chances are, we can integrate with your system too. If not, we'll develop the necessary integration.

Can the reports adhere to our specific Business Rules?

Indeed. We've catered to such specific requirements for many clients in the past. Our DataFlow module comes equipped with configurations that manage such rules, ensuring your data's complexity is never an obstacle.

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