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Business Analyst / SQL Queries, Customized Reports

Req Ref No: KCNYB788
Location: Rensselaer, NY
Duration: 24 months.


Position Requirements/Technical Skills:

Project Scope- duties of position

Child Care Time & Attendance (CCTA)

The Child Care Time and Attendance (CCTA) system is an automated child care attendance tracking system that provides for local district decision-making and local program management in all LDSS outside. The standardized, automated system has improved the timeliness and accuracy of time and attendance tracking; decrease the burden on child care providers of manual attendance processes; increase the number of providers willing to accept subsidized children, decrease the administrative burden on LDSS and increase fiscal accountability, including improving fraud prevention efforts.
CCTA allows parents to check their child in and out of a child care using the child care provider’s computer that is connected to the new system through a web-based interface over the Internet. This application serves up to 8,500 regulated and 18,000 enrolled legally-exempt child care providers in local social services districts outside, supplying subsidized care to up to 100,000 children.

This request is for a 24 month position to work on Phase 4 of the project. Phase 4 will consist of:
• Enhanced processing time sheets.
• Overnights: 24 Day vs. Shift Work
• Review of Standard CCTA Reports
• Automate Processing of Attendance by Legally Exempt Providers
• Create an Interface with ProCare & Comet Day Care/Child Care software

Also during this period this position will work on initiatives which include:
• Develop SQL queries to extract data and provide customized reports to business users.
• Perform business metrics collection and data presentation to business users and senior management.
• Monitor data import and payment reconciliation. Work to resolve any data issues.
• Work with business users and local districts for developing business requirements, documentation and validation.
• Meet and document, system functionality requests from local districts.
• Coordinates client training to ensure that clients are scheduled to attend all appropriate training classes.
• Collaborates with Vendor team members and the Support Center Representatives.

The person in this position will be the technical system resource in solving ongoing and more complex, quality assurance and software testing of all planned enhancements to the CCTA system, testing and documentation role based internet security, testing and verification of data encryption.

Daily Tasks will include but are not limited to the following:
• Perform data analysis, data mining, statistical and predictive analysis on large sets of data.
• Develop SQL queries with joins, procedures, views and expressions to extract data.
• Provide customized reports and data to business users.
• Perform business metrics collection and data presentation to business users and senior management.
• Query CCTA database and investigate data to find possible fraud, waste and abuse.
• Monitor SOS data import and BICS payment reconciliation. Work with developers to resolve any data issues.
• Work with business users for developing business requirements, analysis, documentation and validation.
• Review the Code Rules and Regulations for Child Care services and develop business requirements.
• Perform functional analysis of business problems and document business logic implemented.
• Document and analyze report, data and system functionality requests from 57 districts.
• Review report requests and develop prototype reports.
• Collaborate with business users on user interface and user experience needs.
• Review and provide feedback for system functional design documents.

Expert Level
You must be an Expert Business Analyst with documented employment experience of 7+ years (84+ months).

- You must have experience with managing small to medium-scale business analysis work or projects with distinct deliverables to a solution.

- You must be able to provide leadership of large teams and/or extensive industry experience and is considered at the top of his/her field.

PART B: Requested Desirable Qualifications: The numbered qualifications below are not mandatory, but candidates should meet or exceed in duration and skill set target asked for, at least 3 of numbers 1 through 6.

1. 84 months experience facilitating meeting with users to identify & gather business requirements.
2. 60 months experience testing XML based Web Services in complex systems, integration environment consisting of Web, Application and Database servers.
3. 72 months experience in writing test plans & cases, validation of requirements against system, and reporting on finding to both technical and non-technical staff.
4. 60 months SQL coding experience for writing SQL data queries for extraction and/or validation of application data.
5. 72 months experience working with business user communities, technical teams and management to develop implement and maintain metrics, standards, policies, process and controls for testing.
6. Bachelor Degree.